about the moving photographer

No, I’ m not moving. I mean, I live where I live. But I am where I am, and sometimes it’s in another place, when traveling on holidays or on assignment.



Bloggers or vloggers  showings how great and wonderful traveling is, how cool the hotelview , how happy the people, how great the friends they made …

You won’t find it here.

This is  a photoblog of a traveling photographer. I just want to conquer my own prejudices, and get to understand this world a little better. It’s all part of my lifelong journey. Every step I take is me traveling, and when I see something that catches my attention, and I think it can be an interesting image… I photograph. If in my hometown, just around the corner, or at the other side of the globe.

So I will publish the street photography I do while moving around.

Not me in swimming pools, bungee jumps, or fancy hotels and cocktail parties here, just my bare truth.

Hope you like it.

PS But well, I did meet so many great people during my travels, and saw so many great stuff. But that’s for another day.



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